The brand

BelleRadiance is a makeup brand dedicated to complexion with the will to make skin always more beautiful and radiant. The range is totally inclusive, efficiently answering the different skin tones with a reasonable number of shades.

The innovative formulas offer an exceptional makeup result while promoting a “Clean Beauty” approach. Love your skin, don’t try to mask it! Be Belle ! Be Radiant ! That is what BelleRadiance stands for!

« I want to see radiant faces all over the world by making this art of creating a perfect complexion accessible to all ! »

Aïmara Coupet


Born in Martinique of French and Martinican descent, Aïmara grew up in Canada. In 1999, she graduated from HEC Montreal Business School and started her career at L’Oreal Canada as Product Manager for Makeup. In 2004, she moved to Paris and joined Sephora (LVMH) as Group Product Manager for Sephora’s private label (Sephora Collection).

Six years later, in 2011, she took over blackUp cosmetics’ Marketing Direction and jumped into the Brown Skin Makeup Universe… Her work in relaunching the entire product catalog took her to a unique level of expertise, mastering the creation of makeup products from light beige to deep black tones.

Aïmara is truly passionate about complexion:  ”The most difficult thing in Makeup is not to create a nice lipstick color…the real challenge is to succeed in making the skin more beautiful, flawless and radiant. A foundation should not mask the skin it should be invisible while perfecting the skin.”

The creation of BelleRadiance represents her will for complexion makeup to become less tedious and more fun. She wants to see the celebration of inclusivity and consciousness of skin health becoming our everyday reality!